JET NFT Cards have unique features that you can view with the JET NFT viewer “”.


JET NFT cards have interactive content (text-photos-videos) which can be updated and airdropped. In the foreseeable future, some JET NFT cards will hold rewards at purchase or be airdropped a later time.


Once you have either purchased or received a JET NFT card, follow this simple tutorial to explore its contents.


To view with Desktop, make sure you are already logged into your MetaMask wallet extension.


1-  Go to :

2-  Click on “connect to wallet”:

3-  Select your MetaMask to connect:

4-  The JET NFT viewer will scan your wallet and show you the JET NFT card(s) that are into your MetaMask wallet.

5- Click on any of the JET NFT cards to view its contents.

6-  Click on or swipe at the side arrows to move the screen back and forth to view different content slides.