• Securing and digitizing the IP rights of the Jetcoin Champions

  • Development of the Jetcoin Platform

  • Raising and overseeing funds allocation

  • Recruitment of young up-and-coming talents

  • Development and management of strategic partnerships

  • Global promotion of the Jetcoin brand

  • Development of the Jetcoin Community

“Be Part of the Success”

Get Jetcoins (JET) to support tomorrow’s champions

“Earn Revenues with your Champion”

Jetcoin Champions reward you for believing in them

“Safe and Secure”

JETCOIN (JET) Token is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum a decentralized platform for applications.


My Name is May Myat Noe, Im the new Jetcoin Champion.

Thank You all for your help and support in furthering my career internationally.

Im happy and look forward to being part of the JET community!

  • Eric Alexandre

    Founder CEO

  • Yogesh


  • Celia

    PR/ Media

  • Aurelian H.

    Lead Blockchain Dev.

  • Jay

    Content Writer

  • Matthew

    Community Leader

  • Ken llamas

    Youtube manager

  • Peter Yeo

    Blockchain Advisor

  • Rayan Goutay

    Legal Advisor

  • Nicolas Olvera

    Media Advisor

Coin Market Cap

In Coin Market Cap, users can monitor the market value of JETCOIN (JET) in real time.


Jetcoin is OFFICIALLY listed on MyEtherWallet under the Symbol JET.


You can view all your transactions on Etherscan